Frustrated with ongoing costs to run Xactly?

Requirements changed and struggling to make the changes in the application?

Only carrying on using because you believe it’s very tricky to swap?


As an independent consultancy focusing on sales compensation, we know the entire market.
We can help you move from Xactly to a more flexible and cost-effective solution.


Date: 6th December 2021
Time: 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET/15:00 GMT

Save on time

Our systems are easy to use because it has the same spreadsheet familiarity that you’re used to.


Save on costs, both upfront and ongoing

Our solution costs half as much as Xactly Incent per seat.
Implementation takes weeks instead of months.
We will train you on how to use the platform so you can be self-sufficient.


Flexible and robust

Spreadsheet like-UI, so no coding required.
Ability to handle any comp plan regardless of complexity.