From Snowball to Avalanche - How Small Improvements Build Momentum in an Enterprise

Presented by Lanshore and Advantage Point Solutions

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Date: TBC

Once you have an initial list of activities to be improved in your operations, you have to decide what comes first. But without an enterprise wide view and the end in mind, you will leave money on the table.

At this stage, some solution design decisions may seem trivial, but it is easy to paint yourself into a corner. We will share real world examples of prioritization efforts, and discuss the compounding effect of properly ordering your efforts so that a critical mass and self-sustaining cycle of improvement is achieved.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the archetypal structure of a process
  • Understanding what causes work or process complexity and the two types of fragmentation
  • Understand the three stage pattern of improvement
  • Understanding why opportunity prioritization must be done before value quantification.
  • During the webinar, any appropriate benchmarks will be shared for use in evaluating your efforts.
  • After the webinar, you will receive a simple road-mapping tool that builds on the opportunity identification table and helps you prioritize and schedule out the sprints for rapid value realization.

The Hosts

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Raun Kilgo - Advantage Point Solutions CIO, Founder of Cybernetic Process Practice

Raun Kilgo is a business process, automation and analytics professional with more than 30 years of process optimization and business architecture experience.

He is a thought leader in the robotic automation sector, having led automation efforts in a variety of industries since 2006. He has taught teams in client companies how to define and execute high-impact and sustainable robotic automations.

Prior to focusing on process automation, Raun directed product management groups of wireless speech recognition platform providers, the world’s most robust automatic call distributors and predictive dialers.

Alongside this he successfully led the turnaround of a value-add telecommunications company impacted by internet technologies, and served in leadership roles in the satellite communication sector for both AT&T and GE.

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Doug Erb - Lanshore LLC, Founder & CEO, Engagement Executive

Doug is the CEO and founding partner of Lanshore.  His interest in founding Lanshore was to bring automation techniques to Sales Operations and Revenue enhancing departments of organizations while exploring other use cases for organizations operationally.  

When Doug started working with RPA and ML several years ago, his goal was to make revenue and sales forecasting a more reliable math and science based exercise rather than the guess work it has become over the years. 

This led Doug to look at RPA as a form of retrieving, cleansing and confirming information is correct and in a steady state, and also to leverage Deap RL as a method for successful forecasting for businesses.

This new and exciting work within RPA and ML is enhancing Doug's BIO as one of the most recognized people in the focus of Sales Performance Management which has eclipsed 20 years.

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